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I bought 9 Dr Pepper boxes to get 6 t shirts, per their promotion. I submitted it and they rejected it.

Not one, not twice, not three times but multiple times. They have given me so many excuses as to why my receipt is no good. Walmart's, receipt is not valid even it the only thing I bought was Dr Pepper cans. I have been given so much (BS) they gave me invalid codes, then they wanted each part of the barcodes for every box, it goes on and on.

I have been on my cell phone, I have called, I have re -submitted the receipt, what else do they want, Walmart gave me one receipt. I only have one receipt !!! I was a Dr Pepper, but, no more, I am done.

I am so disappointed, I grew up with the Pepper cans. I am done !!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dr Pepper Deal.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I've been expeiencing this for years. Everyone thinks I'm crazy.

I even called Corporate. They say they are several manufacturers. Basically no answer.

As much as I dread going to Wal-mart they have the good ones. Do not buy from CVS.

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