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I am in the Houston area and I also have noticed a distinct change in the taste of regular Dr. Pepper.

As others have posted here, the flavor is off and it almost tastes flat. I thought it was me and checked all my medications, looking for side effects. My wife suggested it might be the product and when I did a Google search, I found many similar reports. These reports, for the most part, do not indicate the region of the country, so that's why I posted where I am.

I have been drinking Dr. Pepper for as long as I can remember, so I KNOW what it is supposed to taste like.

So..how about it Dr.

Pepper bottler, what did you do? And don't say you didn't change anything, there are too many people reporting the same thing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dr Pepper Soft Drink.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: 2400 Holly Hall St, Houston, TX 77054, USA

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I have been an avid consumer of Diet Dr. Pepper for decades, drinking about a 2-liter bottle a day.

Never had a problem with the flavor anywhere I went in the country. However, a couple of months ago, I noticed a distinctly different flavor, almost like a different sweetener was being used. I typically buy 6-12 two-liter bottles at a time, and only one was bad. So I took the bottle back to the store.

Every time I've purchased since then, there have been increasingly more bottles with the same taste. Now, the last 4 bottles I opened in a row have the same problem. Sadly, it appears that I will have to find a different soft drink to enjoy. I am in Charleston, SC, and Pepsi bottles the product around here.

I don't know if that makes a difference or not.

Somehow, the flavor is changing, so I am, too. Good bye, Doctor.


I had dr.peppers, ever since late march they don't taste right, i'm gonna be going to mountain dew


I just bought a 2 liter bottle of diet dr.pepper here in New Haven. It tastes horrible.

I’m pretty sure it’s expired but I cannot translate the expiration date on the bottle. It’s so gross and I am so sad.


There is an article which decodes the expatriation date for dr. pepper/ snapple.


Horrible after taste in Denver as well. Taste like soap.

But it’s not every can in the case. This is the second case where this has happened.


In west Texas and it all tastes bad


As the prices go up, the quality goes down.


well here it is February of 2019 and after 2 months since first reporting it to Dr. Pepper via emails also I finally received a coupon to get up to $4.99 of free Dr.


Last emails requested more information which I gave them and nothing regarding any 'investigating' they are doing. Lousy customer service.


Yep....I live in Minnesota and I have noticed a distinct change in the taste of Diet Dr. Pepper as well.

I am so disappointed because that was my favorite soda and now I don't even like it anymore. So unfortunately I quit buying it.


Also been a fan of Dr. Pepper for years.

Haven't had it for a while due to trying to stay away from sugar, but bought some for the holiday with family over. Tasted not right. Kids said the same thing. It was like it was a cherry Dr Pepper or something.

Couldn't put our finger on what was wrong with it. These were the 12 oz bottles. So not tasting like Dr.

Pepper that we won't even drink it. So guessing it will be easy to stay away from sodas on my diet!!!


So wrote Dr. Pepper themselves and also wrote on their FB page.....FB answer was no they didn't change the recipe.

Email needed more details on the production run codes on the bottle...but no direct response to that yet except the will be giving me a coupon....to buy more disgustingly flavored Dr.

Pepper? ha not happening.


There's no doubt they changed the recipe. They lied to you.

There are people in the UK that reported the change. Reminds me of Mrs. Bairds bread. Bimbo bakery bought Mrs.

Bairds and one of the first things they did was to radically change the cinnamon rolls. Bimbo denied it but I knew better.

The cinnamon rolls went from being as soft as fresh Shipleys donuts with soft icing to bagels with hard icing. So don't let them lie to you.


I am a long time fan if Dr. Pepoer.

I am also in the Houston area and the diet Dr. Pepper in cans is horrible. The taste has changed. It us slightly bitter.

I bought a second case and it tastes the same. It is horrible


Agree.. Been A Pepper for bout Years..!!

Both Dr. Pepper & Diet Dr. Pepper are horrible..!!

To bad for us!! Cya!!!


I also have noticed a major change in the taste of Dr Pepper the last few days. I have opened 2 cases and neither taste sweet at all. What is going on?

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