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I am in the Houston area and I also have noticed a distinct change in the taste of regular Dr. Pepper.

As others have posted here, the flavor is off and it almost tastes flat. I thought it was me and checked all my medications, looking for side effects. My wife suggested it might be the product and when I did a Google search, I found many similar reports. These reports, for the most part, do not indicate the region of the country, so that's why I posted where I am.

I have been drinking Dr. Pepper for as long as I can remember, so I KNOW what it is supposed to taste like.

So..how about it Dr.

Pepper bottler, what did you do? And don't say you didn't change anything, there are too many people reporting the same thing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dr Pepper Soft Drink.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: 2400 Holly Hall St, Houston, TX 77054, USA

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I've had 2 original flavor Dr. Pepper 8-packs that have a lime-ish flavor.

Very strange. I've had to pour one entire pack down the drain. I'm now on my second. I guess I'll hold on to them for a while - just in case.

This is very disappointing. I have been drinking Dr. Pepper for about 40 years. I'm addicted, really.

I guess now is a good time to overcome my addiction. I'm sad now!


I wrote them earlier about at least 2 cases of DP that came into my workplace that taste like it's infused with burnt plastic or something similar... All of the (20oz.) bottles bear the Mar082021 best by date. I came home today and opened a 12oz can marked M0337DP6 and these cams seem to be afflicted as well.


I wrote them about a whole case I got that tasted like this. I drank one whole can and got really sick for a day.

They responded saying it happens if too much air gets in during bottling. That is ridiculous. There’s no way that air made it taste like chemicals. They said they would send me a coupon for 4 bottles of Dr Pepper....

When I had a whole case that was bad. Still haven’t received the coupons either.


I have some cans that came w/food I ordered from a local restaurant in Charlottesville that taste nasty. Best by date is Aug 16, 2021.

I called and let them know and they checked a bottle while on the phone and confirmed they tasted bad too. So maybe a vendor will get a little more cooperation from the company than individual consumers.


I bought a cube of DP and have open 4 cans and have noticed on the 3rd can the taste is off, like it’s less flavored, like warm fizzy tap water. I don’t want to drink rest if the whole cube has the lack of DP taste. Can I get some form of reimbursement?


Damn glad i got on here and im not the only one.. this dp taste like metal or chemicals.


It’s a metallic taste. It’s horrible


Yes thank god I’m not alone I was thinking I had COVID or something it tasted horrible and metal tasting for sure


I think they put too much sodium benzoate in it. It's known to cause nausea, vomiting, and upset stomach.

Other stuff was included too. It's also known to have a sweet, bitter, or sour after taste. If that's the case and they haven't pulled it or put out a notice after being alerted, that's a class action settlement. I'm going to have my can and bottle tested to measure the levels in different batches.

I drank some bad do earlier and couldn't eat all day. I'd say hold on to all your bottles you have as evidence in the event that there is a recall and then you will be able to take place in the lawsuit.


My mistake, it actually says mar0821trd on my bottles that are bad.


I had just looked and I have the same date on mine and it taste like floral chemicals. I'm saving it as evidence in case it's contaminated and harmful.

I drank this from a bottle not a can. Cans have still been alright with me but they are sep0621trd.

The bottles are MAR0321trd and they taste terrible. Has to be a bad batch


Cans taste horrible too


Everyone who reads this, check the date printed on the bottles. I had two 2 liters earlier this week that were fine.

I purchased two more today and finished off the last one of the first two I had purchased. However, once I opened up the new one, I instantly noticed the floral/chemical aftertaste. Upon checking the dates to make sure it wasn't bad, I saw that that it was marked with the date of MAR0321TRD and then proceeded to check the other bottle as I had not thrown it out. The good bottle had a stamp of FEB0321TRD.

Since drinking the newest one, I have become nauseated and have been feeling unwell. I firmly believe that they have contaminated a large batch and still shipped it out.

I urge everyone who reads this to check their markings. If these bottles have been contaminated, the company should be held responsible and it's up to all of us to ensure they are held responsible.


I have been feeling unwell and have experienced loss of appetite. Might be due to the nausea. I've only felt poor after drinking the bad tasting bottle.


Im in AZ and have had a few six packs of bottles taste really off. I checked the print on them and it says MAR0821TRD. Glad I was able to confirm this and that Im not the only one tasting this stuff.


I will check and save my bottle


Summerville, SC I mentioned to my husband that my Dr. Pepper tasted like it had a chemical taste.

He tried and said it tasted flat to him. I just bought 2 twelve packs yesterday from Target in Summerville, SC and both twelve packs tasted that way.


My dr pepper can has like a lemon-ish taste too it


I drink so much Dr Pepper. So I can easily tell when there’s a difference.

It’s extremely weird aftertaste.

Before I read these I said it tasted like perfume or something. It definitely tastes like chemicals.


I too have noticed this. I used to only drink dr pepper now the first drink turns my stomach. I think it is whatever disinfectant they are spraying them with.

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