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I am in the Houston area and I also have noticed a distinct change in the taste of regular Dr. Pepper.

As others have posted here, the flavor is off and it almost tastes flat. I thought it was me and checked all my medications, looking for side effects. My wife suggested it might be the product and when I did a Google search, I found many similar reports. These reports, for the most part, do not indicate the region of the country, so that's why I posted where I am.

I have been drinking Dr. Pepper for as long as I can remember, so I KNOW what it is supposed to taste like.

So..how about it Dr.

Pepper bottler, what did you do? And don't say you didn't change anything, there are too many people reporting the same thing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dr Pepper Soft Drink.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: 2400 Holly Hall St, Houston, TX 77054, USA

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Nasty floral taste for us. 2, 2 liters dumped down the drain.

Cans taste fine but even 20oz bottles from station taste floral.

If thats DPs new flavor I'm going to the knock off Dr Fizz or whatever. Waste of money Phoenix.


Colorado here, I also agree that I have noticed a funny taste. I had some old Dr. Pepper regular-sized cans that tasted fine and regular and then bought mini cans and they tasted like chemicals.


Arizona, Dr pepper has strange new aftertaste.


Well i called Dr Pepper this Morning The Snapple Group in Plano Texas. to talk about the Dr Pepper i bought Taste very off some Taste like Metal one even had a weird slight pickle juice taste.

first one i talked to tried to patch me thru got hung up twice with her. then i called back talked toa lady named Lori told her my issues she patched me thru to this guy Named Angel .He told me there was Nothing wrong with the plant and wanted to send me 2 free coupons i told him keep your coupons and fix your recipe or see what's going on at the plant. i also told him so your saying that over 100000 customers are wrong and we are all imagining that where taste something that we are NOT? whelp i been a Dr Pepper fan for over 40 years till today.

Looks Like Pepsi here i come. Really sad that Snapple is going to run Dr Pepper in the Ground!


I called them week ago told them 12 bottles Dr peppers from two different stores had a taste that caused my tongue tingle. Also made one my kids sick I still ha 've the full bottles.

Dates of bad on seem to one with date March 02 and 03 2021 on them. They also sending me vouchers but I can still go up little store where I live and get another one long as it those dates it's bad. My husband come home last night with three 1 Feb that was good and 2 March 03 and 02 both bad he forgot check dates. It almost taste like there meds or cleaner in them my 8 year old didn't know not to drink any week ago she drank cup before she told us it funny she got really sick that night.

After I took taste from four different bottles my tongue was tingly and kind of numb and I got sick my stomach. Next day got four more bad ones. Called in I do have a case number but first guy hung up on me next I got a nice lady who took report.

I plan on calling back in morning again. just know your not only one calling in .......


Hi. My husband and I had purchased two 6 pack bottles of Dr Pepper and these also tasted weird.

So we purchased a 6 pack from a different store it still tasted weird. I called Dr Pepper 866 377 **** on the bottle to complain.

I had to give them them the UPC number and number stamped on the bottle mixed with letters then numbers about 15 digit number. I guess with this they can tell which batch this was made from.


I have also noticed a funny taste to my dr pepper recently i live in oregon


I Live Here in Oklahoma Been drinking Dr Pepper for 45 years. what a surprise I got.

I got 4 2 liters bottles at my local Walmart. i have opened 3 bottles wondering what in the *** went wrong. I'm picking up hints I have never tasted before and Almost like a Flatt taste.

def can tell Someone @ the plant has jacked with the Recipe going to call them Monday and complain. if they keep this up will have to switch to a different brand.


Same here in Colorado my poor Dr Pepper tastes flat. What are you guys only using 19 of 23 flavors But for real tastes different even at McDonald's too same with canned.


I opened one today and it tastes and smells like fertilizer!


We have purchased multiple different 6 or 8 packs of bottles the last month and every single one tastes like chemicals or metal. Tried contacting them but they never respond. There’s something really wrong with those drinks


We live just outside Houston and my husband opened a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper that is horribly horribly bitter.


I got a Dr Pepper from Whataburger today and it taste like... soap. Yuck


2 bottles so far have tasted like floral soap.im in Az


Yep, this is exactly what I've experienced just now. I have seen a lot of people complaining, and chalked it up to the coronavirus changing people taste buds.

I'm hoping that I don't have the virus, I've been very careful. But, I think that they might have done something so I'm going to report it.


I'm from AZ I got 4 from last night and 4 this morning all bad all makes my tongue tingle


Tucson here, think its something wrong with plastic bottles. Cause it tastes like plastic.


Same here. In Tucson.

I think it's only the bottled ones.

Cans are fine. And fast food doesn't taste off.


Paulden here. Apples and a metallic aftertaste.

I first noticed it in the cans so I switched to bottles (both are awful now). Thought it was just me but my 17 yr old said it tastes off to him as well


I suppose I owe coke a thank you for you have cured me of my addiction to dr. Pepper!

First batch tasted like medal second batch like soap third and final batch when brought up to my lips the can smelled like gasoline and just decided to dump it down the sink! Dr. Pepper has always been my favorite in fact there is no other soda I would switch to. I will never buy again!

I will never drink again even with free coupons! Water and juice from now on, thanks!

Sincerely one very upset ex-customer! Mesa Az.

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