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I am in the Houston area and I also have noticed a distinct change in the taste of regular Dr. Pepper.

As others have posted here, the flavor is off and it almost tastes flat. I thought it was me and checked all my medications, looking for side effects. My wife suggested it might be the product and when I did a Google search, I found many similar reports. These reports, for the most part, do not indicate the region of the country, so that's why I posted where I am.

I have been drinking Dr. Pepper for as long as I can remember, so I KNOW what it is supposed to taste like.

So..how about it Dr.

Pepper bottler, what did you do? And don't say you didn't change anything, there are too many people reporting the same thing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dr Pepper Soft Drink.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: 2400 Holly Hall St, Houston, TX 77054, USA

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I thought it was me but guess not.. tastes like moldy water. Phoenix, AZ


Same for me. I am in gilbert arizona


Over the last month every 6 or 8 pack tastes like chemicals or metal. We’ve tried different locations just in case but it’s all the same.

If I get a single 20oz bottle it’s fine. I’m in Atlanta GA


I'm also in Mesa and have noticed a difference. I was worried it was just me, or maybe the beginning of COVID! Some people say they started noticing a different taste of things before they lost their taste altogether.


Yeah it tastes really weird to me too. Some weird chemical...

Or a dirty sponge. I tried to take another sip but I can't ignore the burn chemically taste.

Wtf is up with this. We got 12 pack cans.


Dates of bad one seemed to have exp. Date of 03/02/21 and 03/03/21 I'm up to 28 bottles we gotten over last couple wks in 2 litters all one with those dates are bad.

Don't drink them made my little girl real sick and after I took small sips from 4 bottles first night we noticed My mouth started tingle my stomach was off after I puked it got better but then had migraine about 24 hrs. Something off big time. After calling them I starting get frustrated someone could really get sick from this. They don't seem be hurry pull them....we since found out dates above as long as you don't get those dates your good.

I plan on calling them again their plenty more out where I live someone can pull send them unopened they act like when calling them you claiming aliens landed. I'm been around chemicals my whole adult life with work and the ones with those date taste like that what in them all I know Is bad measurements or being stored wrong don't cause you mouth go numb and tingle violent sickness if you get more then a taste like I did or worse my little girl. Both us had bad migraines.

I'm seriously thinking about sending few unopen bottles to lab to have them broken down find out exactly what in them. Anyways hope you all can read this I've had no sleep yet long shift and to tired proof read it.....


Same problem here in Peoria AZ. Tastes really bad.

I called Dr. Pepper and they said they'd look into it. That they'll send me a coupon for free drpepper some time next year.

lol. Keep your coupons and just fix whatever is causing this.


YUK in Mesa, AZ - time to switch!


Same here in Booneville Arkansas. There is something strange tasting.

It's not right. I thought it was just me...


Jonesboro, AR— I bought a case and I drank one after being sick. Waited days because it tasted bad.

And I’ve drank a quarter of the 24 pack now and it taste so bad.

I don’t know what is wrong with it, but it’s not right. And it’s not because I'm sick.


Same here in Mesa AZ. I might be paranoid but it tastes like medicine or chemical type taste to me.

Its super off I bought 2 cases of regular Dr. Pepper and one is totally perfect the other case has a weird taste i can not put my finger on...and its hard to drink.


Same here in Dallas, TX! I opened a can from a pack we had actually bought a few weeks ago and it was nauseatingly bad.

Tasted like chemical flavored la croix. It also made me feel pretty ill for the rest of the night.


Discovering the same problem here in Phoenix from 2 different stores, at first I thought that maybe the dishwasher left soap residue on my glasses, but opened a second 2 liter and found the same terrible taste in a different glass and it was stronger. The second time I noticed this terrible taste was when I stopped and bought another bottle from a Circle K and found the same terrible taste when opened and was promptly thrown in the trash.

So this has happened to me twice at two locations and days apart, so disappointed. So now I've had to toss 3 bottles out because the taste is that far off and now I really question the quality now and been drinking Dr Pepper for over 40 years.


I live in Chandler Az and had same problem with 20 oz bottles. Strange chemical taste, and smell.


We’ve had the same issue with 6 or 8 packs of bottles. Either tastes like soap/chemicals or metallic.

Tried different grocery stores and it’s all terrible.

I’ve been enjoying a Dr Pepper a day for over 30 years but I’ve been traumatized by that taste. I’m in Atlanta GA


I agree. Mine has a metallic taste, I thought I accidentally sprayed cleaner on my cup and it got mixed in.

So I got a new cup, same thing, 2 bottles so far. Son said the same thing!


I actually bought a 12 pack in SC yesterday and it tastes like straight up flowers. It made me nauseous and my son get a headache.

I opened all the cans, all tasted the same and dumped them down the drain. I hope this is the lot number on the can: 0 11 13 N 3 MA Anyone similar?


I'm in Bullhead City Arizona and I had the same problem with four 12-packs each one tasted like soap or some kind of perfume


Same deal happened here in KS. My mom loved DP and we bought some liters for thanksgiving.

They were good and we ran out. She got some more yesterday and the first bottle we had was good but the other two tasted chemically.


Same here but I’m in Az.

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